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Depending on what you want to earn, you'll be needing different business strategies and more or less time to invest. Thus, before you even register, you have to decide how far you're going to go.


Most women sell only the occasional pair of panties per month, as they don't want to keep buying new pairs every week and don't want to spend all their free time online searching for customers. Selling panties can get strenuous and you may have enough of it all of a sudden, having sold only few pairs.


If you don't want to have to sell basically every pair of underwear you use on a regular basis, you'll probably be earning a nice bit of pocket money. It all depends on how much time and effort you invest at the end of the day. Also, remember to calculate your selling price based on how much you spent on the panties in the first place. If they are new, you want your customer to pay the full price and then some. And, always leave some money for you to spend as you wish. If they're old and you don't remember the price  then you can't ask a huge price compared to new ones but you don't want to give them away, either and remember some will value older panties more valuable.


If you actually do intend to earn some serious income selling worn knickers, then you'll need to bank on higher investments in panties, photography and contacts. You won't be earning as much as in a management job, but in time, it will be possible to achieve something quite close. Selling panties can achieve a rather nice sum of money per month, provided you have something to offer and are willing to invest all the time and effort on a daily basis.


So in conclusion, if you sell panties or other worn clothes, etc., then you stand a good chance of earning extra income that will make a difference. Actually feeding yourself as well as paying those ever mounting household bills.. but remember, before you even think about all that, you need to get a good feeling for the business, its customer requirements and safe selling practices. It wont be easy but the rewards are there for ones that are committed and persevere.

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