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In order to start selling your worn panties, all you really need is a pair of worn knickers for a start. Pick a pair that looks nice, as hardly anyone will be willing to buy your five-year-old cotton grandma knickerbockers - or at least you may get a hard time trying to find a customer for them.


Then go to our Sellers Registration Page and create an account by clicking on the register button to complete your membership with us. Populate your account page with your used panties. Remember to add a good bio including any hobbies!


Then you'll be needing a picture of you to get the men's fantasies going. You needn't show your face if you're not comfortable with it; in fact, even many professional sellers never show their customers their face, as they prefer to stay fully anonymous. What you will need are photos of the panties up for sale, preferably on your body. Turn on your web-cam and take a few high quality photos of you in the used panties for sale, and make sure they look good and tempting. You don't need to be a top model to attract a customers' attention, but shaved legs and a neutral background will make you appear much more appetizing to the majority of customers.


Ok you have panties you wouldn't miss if you sold, then you best go out to the shops and buy a few new pairs that looks somewhat sexy but not too expensive. But hold that thought and consider this.. those exact same old panties will be the perfect pair for some customers, don't assume anything, we all have different tastes and wants. Also, you don't need to spend huge amounts of money on buying hot underwear. Just to sell it after wearing it once.. unless you really do decide you want to go into selling panties regularly then anything goes.


Don't forget to buy an envelope large and thick enough to hide its contents and to fit your panties. As soon as they're sold, you'll have to find a letterbox and send them to the customer. Cool Tip - Know the postage rates, never guess and risk it!


Selling used Panties - Your Guide




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