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Allow me to sit on your face while wearing my sexiest panties. I am mistress Tiffany and I want you to worship my ass while watching my sexy hardcore facesitting videos. I have lots of face smothering material and I love wetting my panties with my juices while rubbing them over your clean face as you lick my panties clean. Worship my ass with your face and eat my panties and pussy like the dirty little whore you are while I take the air from your mouth forcing you to sniff me through your nose.


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I love ass worshipping and eating my girlfriends panties while she is wearing them. There is something about the smell of a used pair of panties that sends my head dizzy with excitement. All my ex girlfriends knew nothing of my panty fetish, I used to hide it from them. I would often wank off while sniffing a well worn pair of panties while they were out. However when I met my current partner I thought I had gone to heaven and back. As much as I love sniffing her panties she loves wearing them while I am doing so.

We often take up a position of myself laying flat on my back while she sits down straddling my head. Then pressing down into my face she wriggles around ensuring good contact with her clitoris. I just breathe in the aroma until I feel the wetness of her horny pussy soaking through the material. In this position my girlfriend will often bring herself to several orgasms squirting into her panties on each occasion. Her love juice smells so potent and when added to a days natural aroma soaking into her panties there is no better smell in the world.

When she has had enough she will sometimes treat me to a panty wank. She will slide down my chest and position her panty covered pussy over my cock, gently rubbing the wet material up and down the length of my shaft. I enjoy this best when she is wearing full back satin panties. Sometimes she will keep me waiting for ages, stopping each time she feels me getting too excited.

Panty Smother

When I am permitted to cum over her panties it is usually over the back of them and the crack of her ass which I can vaguely see through the material. Once I cum with such a force my jizz cleared the material altogether and splattered her lower back. When I am not spurting my man juice over her panties it is because she has decided she wants some extra cock later. When this happens I usually fuck her pussy from behind while wearing her panties over my head.

Once we looked after her sisters house while she was on holiday. Her sister is also very attractive and you guessed it, there was a used pair of her sisters panties in the wash basket. When my girlfriend asked if I would like to fuck her sisters panties while she wore them I could have cum in my shorts right there and then. The smell of two different hot women mixed together is something I shall never forget.

Panty Smothering

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"I love to feel really sexy when you're eating my pussy and sucking my asshole through my panties and watching me cum all over your nice clean face.."


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